Generate awareness and deepen understanding of Alto Adige wines among press and trade influencers.  A tiny Alpine region with less than 1% of Italy’s total wine production, Alto Adige produces a diverse range of wines that are reliably high-quality and a stand-out in the Italian wine category. Alto Adige’s complex, dual Italian and Austrian heritage, culture, and language also presented barriers to entry for success in the U.S. market.


Campaign launch showcasing Alto Adige as “the Wines of the Italian Alps” anchored the region’s identity. Multi-layered educational program for industry professionals included tasting seminars led by MWs, Master Sommeliers and producers from the region; partnership with the Guild of Sommeliers with master classes in major and secondary markets; travel scholarships for sommeliers and trips for media to inspire life-long ambassadors. Ongoing press outreach was bolstered by a strategic sampling program. Social media activations across multiple platforms fostered significant growth of following and reach year after year.


Alto Adige wines have grown out of relative obscurity in the U.S. to become widely-recognized for their outstanding quality and value. The surge in demand for Alto Adige wines is demonstrated by their ever-increasing presence on leading restaurant wine lists and in retail stores. Alto Adige is a much-admired leader in Italian wine production for both whites and reds. Alto Adige Pinot Grigio in particular, has become a quality benchmark for the variety, and the region’s indigenous varietals have gained a solid foothold in the market.