To effectively represent your brand, our team wakes up in New York and goes to sleep in California. Our partnership with Charles Communications, based in San Francisco, means a presence on both coasts and an in-depth understanding of each market on the ground level.  

And because it’s not enough to have just the coasts covered, we’re often on the road in major cities across the country to nurture our indispensable press, trade and industry relationships in person – not long distance. 

Ultimately, we’re in the relationship business. In addition to our bi-coastal team, we work with a valuable network of experts – social media influencers, designers, digital developers, and other consultants – let’s call them our galaxy of stars. Cherry-picking specialists for specific projects means we deliver the best talent and intelligence, with minimal cost to our clients. In a word, we go above and beyond to ensure your brand’s marketing needs are covered, and then some.