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Launch a white wine hailing from a remote and hard to pronounce Spanish wine region virtually unknown in the U.S., even by wine industry experts. Create the Rías Baixas Albariño brand from the ground up, and generate awareness for this single varietal white wine in a saturated market.


Created a powerful visual identity, tagline, and communications platform showcasing Albariño as an alluring wine and versatile food pairing beyond its Spanish niche. Intense media sampling program, trade tastings, and wide-reaching consumer food and wine festival participation introduced Albariño to press, trade and consumer audiences. Launched the first-ever #AlbarinoDay on social media. Created the “Albariño Explorers Club” or AEC, an Albariño fan club with a dedicated website and strategic social media activations. AEC Ambassador-hosted events and videos entertained and educated consumers and professionals. The AEC’s mascot, Pablo Pulpo (inspired by the region’s proximity to the sea), conveyed the approachability of Albariño in a fun and fresh way.


Everyone’s talking about (and drinking) Albariño! Number of Rias Baixas wineries exporting to the U.S. doubled during the campaign and the volume and value of imports more than tripled. Media impressions tripled with significantly increased social media footprint. Albariño has become a household name and sought-out among connoisseurs and casual wine drinkers alike.